Vickers Wellington L7845

Muckle Cairn, Upper Glenesk, Angus



PAGE 2:  Air Crew Photos / Oscar K L Jensen and Sven I L Jensen


photo of Oscar, Einar (father) and Sven Jensen

LEFT:  Three members of the Jensen family.

(from left to right):

Oscar Knud Lerche Jensen, RCAF 

Einar Bay Jensen (father) 

Sven Ivar Lerche Jensen 


(This photograph was taken prior to Sven's entry into RCAF service in 1943) 


Sadly, Sgt Oscar Jensen, RCAF lost his life in the Wellington accident featured here. 







In a separate incident, Oscar's brother, Sven Jensen, RCAF
(above right) escaped when his aircraft was force-landed
onto a coral reef while operating out of Nassau in the Bahamas (see photos below). 


Tribute to Sgt Oscar Jensen at Find A Grave

BELOW: Commemorative Certificate:

Jensen Island

named after

Sgt Oscar K. L. Jensen

Issued by Canadian Permanent Committee on Geographical Names

commemorative name certificate - jensen island

Photo: 2008 Kate Dewar

The inscription on the lower right  of the Certificate reads:

"Lives of great men all remind us
We can make our lives sublime,
And, departing, leave behind us
Footprints on the sands of time."

(Jensen Island is in Semmens Lake, northern Manitoba)

BELOW: Letter written to Mr. and Mrs. Jensen concerning their son
 Oscar's final resting place at Fettercairn Cemetery in Scotland.

Letter Page 1 of 4

page 1 of letter written to Mr and Mrs Jensen

Page 2

page 2 of personal letter

Page 3

page 3 of personal letter

Page 4

page 4 of personal letter


photo of Sven Jensen

BELOW: Just before VE Day, and while operating out of Nassau in the Bahamas, Oscar's youngest brother Sven Jensen (above) experienced a malfunction of his Consolidated Liberator aircraft. This resulted in him having to make a forced landing on a coral reef; fortunately, without loss of life or serious injury.

sven jensen's forced landing in liberator in the bahamas

BELOW: Sven Jensen's Pilot's Log

sven jensens pilots log




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