F-101C Voodoo 56-0013

Maol Odhar, Highland













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: McDonnell F-101C Voodoo fighter-bomber / interceptor / reconnaissance aircraft.


McDonnell F-101C Voodoo fighter bomber / interceptor aircraft on hardstanding


Photo: Courtesy of the National Museum of the USAF






Aircraft Type and Background


USAF McDonnell F-101C 45 MC Voodoo / 56-0013



Aircraft Type Nickname: "One-Oh-Wonder"



The F-101 first flew in 1954. It was equipped with two Pratt & Whitney afterburning thrust J57-P-55 turbojet engines.

The F-101 Voodoo could carry two Genie nuclear-tipped air-to-air missiles or six Hughes Falcon air-to-air missiles. The RF-101C was capable of carrying a thermo-nuclear bomb. This fighter-bomber had a maximum speed of 1,000mph and a cruising speed of 550mph.

Originally, the F-101 was intended as a long range escort fighter for the B-36 bombers operated by Strategic Air Command (SAC).

McDonnell F-101 Voodoos were operated by the USAF and later by the RCAF.



BELOW: Close-up of F-101 Voodoo cockpit controls


F-101 Voodoo cockpit controls


Photo: Courtesy of the National Museum of the USAF






Aircraft Accident Details


At the time of the accident, the F-101C Voodoo featured here was on a training flight from its base at RAF Bentwaters in Suffolk, England. Voodoo 56-0013 was flying in formation with two other Voodoos.


However, while flying over the Scottish highlands at 28,000ft, fighter 56-0013 exploded in mid-air —apparently without warning—as the pilot had no opportunity to eject from his stricken aircraft.


Wreckage from the fighter-bomber was strewn over a wide area in the vicinity of Maol Odhar (Creach Bheinn) in the Kingairloch area of the Scottish Highlands, about 15 miles SW of Fort William. An extensive search was conducted by the USAF, RAF and mountain rescue teams. However, the crash site was not discovered until 10 days later.


Involved in the search were no less than eight Hercules aircraft from Prestwick; eight HC-54s (Skymasters), and eight C-47 (Skytrain / Dakotas), together with other aircraft and ground search teams.


Press reports speculated that live ammunition or nuclear bombs / warheads had exploded causing the crash.






Aircraft Pilot Casualty


The airman who died in this accident was:

  • Capt. Morris H Reed (28). Pilot





Crash Site Photos


BELOW: One of the larger sections of wreckage from the F-101C Voodoo aircraft.


mangled wreckage from the F-101 Voodoo


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Another section from  the F-101 that crashed at Maol Odhar.


another section from the F-101


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: An isolated section of wreckage from the tail fin lies beside the rocks.


isolated section of wreckage


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Part of one of the two jet engines from the F-101 fighter / bomber.


one of the two jet engines


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Fuselage panels and wreckage from a wing lie among the rocks.


More aluminium panels and other wreckage among the rocks


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Possibly, a wing section from the Voodoo.


wing section (?) from the Voodoo


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel







Many men and women travel around the country and at times around the world to record these various events. At times this can be of financial hardship, but to record the history of the aircraft and men and women aboard is well worth it. It's possible for researchers to take out loans, grants, raise funds and perhaps even to refinance auto loan or other financial instruments.


















Crash Date / Site


Accident Date: 7 May 1964


Accident Site:

Maol Odhar / Creach Bheinn (853m)


Region: Highland (Kingairloch)


Nearest towns or villages:

Kilmaliue, Inversanda or Strontian

(SW of Fort William).


Nearest large towns:

Fort William (NE) or Oban (S) via Corran ferry.


OS Grid Ref. NM 881 579 (summit)


GPS Refs: N/A


Present Condition: Much of the wreckage was removed from the site by US Army recovery teams. However, some wreckage remains onsite, scattered over a very wide area.




Aircraft Details


Registration or Serial: 56-0013


Operator: USAF (United States Air Force)


Operating Base: RAF Bentwaters / RAF Woodbridge; 81st Tactical Fighter Wing (TFW); 78th Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS).


Base Location: Woodbridge, Suffolk, England.


Current Airport Status: Closed 1993. Now forms part of Bentwater Parks and Bentwaters Cold War Museum



Principal airport data courtesy of John Woodside, A Catalogue of UK Airfields




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