Please Remember Them


We would appeal to anyone visiting these sites to respect the remains. In many of the crash sites listed here, air crew and passengers died or suffered injury as a result of these incidents. Please do not remove wreckage parts as souvenirs. Very often, a wreck is considered as a monument to those who died. We would request that you respect their memory and remember their tragic loss.



Psalm 139:8-10—sometimes known
as 'the Airman's Psalm')

If I climb up into Heaven, Thou art there;
If I go to Hell, Thou art there also.
If I take the wings of the morning
And remain in the uttermost parts of the sea,
Even there also shall Thy hand lead me;
And Thy right hand shall hold me.

(Inscribed on the Runnymede Memorial)





Ministry of Defence: Warning


Please note that it is an offence under the Protection of Military Remains Act to interfere with the crash site of a military aircraft in the UK.
An official licence and other consents are required to investigate crash sites legally.

Some Key Points from MOD Website:

  • A licence is required to excavate any military aircraft crash site in the United Kingdom, irrespective whether the aircraft was in the service of the British, American, German or other nation's armed forces.

  • A licence will not be issued if human remains are likely to be found at the site.




Special Acknowledgements

Without the help of the following people, it would not have been possible to expand this website or to provide much of the information on its pages. Many thanks to each one for their help, and for the information and/or photos provided by them.

(Names listed alphabetically by surname):
  • 70 (Croft and Culcheth) Squadron ATC

  • James Allan (Author: Wings over Scotland / Contributing Editor: Pilot Magazine)

  • John Allan

  • Thomas 'Andy' ('Boots') Anderson

  • Alex Baker (Alex Baker Photography)

  • Keith Beckett

  • Tim Bendix

  • Brandan Binns

  • Harry Blane

  • Dave Borland

  • Ken Bowker (Moidart Local History Group)

  • John Brown

  • Dr. Grant Burfield

  • Billy Caball (Ireland)

  • Alan Clark (Peak District Air Accident Research)

  • William Clark

  • Jim Corbett (Air Crash Investigation and Archaeology)

  • Joe Daly (Australia)

  • Neil Daniel (Especial thanks to Neil for kindly providing the crash site photos that were published previously on his own website. These have now been added to this website.)

  • David Davies

  • Karen Dewar (Canada)

  • Nancy S Donahoo (USA)

  • Michael Dougherty

  • Ron Duffy

  • Mike Durward

  • Rijnko Fekkes (The Netherlands)

  • Al Fleming

  • Mrs L Fleming

  • Dr Ian Frayling

  • Martin Frew

  • June Gowland

  • Stevie H

  • Richard Hall

  • William Handley

  • Stephen Hayton

  • Richard Hobby

  • Monique D Hoexum (The Netherlands)

  • Trevor Holman

  • Norman Hood

  • John Hunter

  • Phillip Jones (Author, Airfield Focus - No. 35 Dundonald)

  • Davie Kerr

  • Ken Ledger

  • Alan Leishman (BAAC; Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum)

  • Kate Lewis

  • Bob MacAlister (Canada)

  • Brian McCudden

  • Richard Mackay

  • Pat Macguire

  • George McCree

  • Lauren McGough

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  • Alisdair McLeod

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  • David McRonald

  • Dougie Martindale

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  • Mellie

  • Giovanni Mendicino

  • Giovanni Metra

  • Ian Moore

  • Ian Murgatroyd

  • Ray Murray

  • John Neish

  • Gary Nelson

  • Danny J Parkinson

  • Andy Paterson

  • Graham Philip

  • David Pickering

  • Ross Purfit

  • Ron Selley (South Africa)

  • Graham Simpson

  • David J. Smith (Author, High Ground Wrecks and Relics)

  • Rob Smith

  • Simon Smith

  • Steven Spink (BAAC; Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum)

  • Richard Stewart (ex Sgt, 60 MU RAF)

  • John Telford

  • Ian Thurlbeck

  • James Towill

  • Ray Urquhart (New Zealand)

  • Graham White (Borders Gliding Club)

  • Steve White

  • Liam Whitfield

  • Anne Williams

  • Larry Wright (Canada)

  • Kelvin Youngs


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BELOW: A view of Goatfell or 'the Sleeping Warrior' (the highest peak on the right of the picture) with other peaks on the Isle of Arran, North Ayrshire, Scotland.


Several aircraft accidents occurred on the rugged peaks around Goatfell, Beinn Nuis, and other locations throughout Arran. Some wreckage can still be found at these sites today.


distant view of goatfell arran


Photo: 2007 Gordon Lyons