Avro Anson N5064

Gallow Hill, Sidlaw Hills, Angus













Aircraft Type Photo


BELOW: Avro Anson of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan with its distinctive yellow livery.


avro anson of british commonwealth air training plan with distinctive yellow livery


Photo: Courtesy, National Defence and the Canadian Forces.






Aircraft Type and Background


RAF Avro Anson/ N5064



Aircraft Type Nickname: "Faithful Annie"



The Avro Anson was an adaption of the civilian Avro 652 in use by Imperial Airways.


The Anson was the first aircraft in RAF service to be equipped with a retractable undercarriage. The aircraft type was flown initially by No. 48 Squadron of RAF Coastal Command.


The Anson was used for coastal reconnaissance and maritime patrols. Latterly, it was used for crew training, light transport, and communications purposes. Among crew members, however, the Anson was considered to be a cold, draughty, and very noise aircraft.


Although the Anson was a solidly-built and reliable aircraft, it was nevertheless slow and vulnerable to attack. For this and other reasons, it was inevitable that the Anson would be replacedas indeed it was, with the Lockheed Hudson bomber.


Later generations of Ansons (the Anson C.19 series) remained in use with the RAF until 1968.


Usually, Mark I Ansons were powered by two Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah radial engines. Occasionally, however, other types would be substituted. The Anson had a top speed of about 188 mph (164 knots or 303 km/h) at 7,000ft (2,100m).






Aircraft Accident Details


Earlier in its lifetime, Avro Anson N5064 spent some time with 320 and 321 (Dutch) Squadrons, and with No. 14 OTU before being transferred to No. 3(O)AFU based at RAF Halfpenny Green.


While with the Dutch squadrons, the Anson was involved in an accident on 22 July 1941, but was repaired and returned to service.


At the time of the accident recorded here, the Anson was on a ferry flight between bases. However, in bad weather and poor visibility, the aircraft descended too low and flew into Gallow Hill, a few miles north of Dundee, Scotland.






Aircraft Pilot Casualty


Tragically, the pilot of this aircraft was killed in the accident. He was:

Flt Sgt Mayne's body was laid to rest in Ford Park Cemetery (Formerly, Plymouth Old Cemetery), (Pennycomequick).




Memorial Photos


BELOW: The memorial stone and plaque at the crash site.


memorial stone at the crash site


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: A closer view of the memorial plaque, surmounted by an embellished cross and the RAF Wings.


a closer view of the memorial plaque


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel






Crash Site Photos


BELOW: Part of the actuator mechanism for the undercarriage / landing gear.


landing gear mechanism


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Landing gear wheel bracket and actuator mechanism.


landing gear wheel bracket


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Another view of the actuator drive for the landing gear.


closer view of actuator


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Fragmented aluminium (U.S., aluminum) skinning from the Avro Anson.


fragments of alumium skinning from the Avro Anson


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: More aluminium sections.


more aluminium sections


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Larger sections of aluminium skinning from the aircraft.


larger sections of aluminium skinning from the aircraft


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



BELOW: Another view of the wreckage sections.


another view of the wreckage sections


Photo: © 2013 Neil Daniel



Earlier photo


BELOW: A general overview of the Anson crash site at Gallow Hill in Angus.


overview of remaining anson wreckage at gallow hill


Photo: © 2008 James Allan





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Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 23 Jun 1945


Accident Site:

Gallow Hill (379m)

(Sidlaw Hills)


Region: Angus (Strathmore)


Nearest town or village:

Tealing or

Milton of Ogilvie


Nearest large towns:

Dundee (S) or Forfar (NE)


OS Grid Ref. NO 388 410 (approx.) (Corrected reference.)


GPS Ref. N/A


Route Map: Geograph


Present Condition: Assorted fragmented wreckage can still be found onsite.




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: N5064


Operator: RAF (3 (Observer) Advanced Flying Unit (3 (O)AFU))


Operating Base: RAF Halfpenny Green (formerly, RAF Bobbington)


Base Location: Bobbington, South Staffordshire (formerly known as Worcestershire), England.


Current Airport Status: Operational Civil Airport (Private).


Current Airport Name:  Wolverhampton Halfpenny Green Airport (EGBO).




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