Vickers Warwick HG136

Cairn Hill, The Cheviot



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Wing related parts






RAF Vickers Warwick HG136 wreckage on Cairn Hill, The Cheviot.



This page contains:


  • Engines and Related Components.

(Wing related parts can be seen on Page 1-C)



BELOW: Glynis and Meredith nearing the top of the Harehope Valley. Hedgehope Hill in the background.


(NOTE: This was a training walk for Glynis and Meredith. Later, they planned to visit Muckle Cairn in Angus, Scotland. In 2013, they completed this later walk successfully, and were able to place a memorial plaque at the site of the Wellington bomber crash in which one of their relatives had lost his life.)


photo of cairn hill


Photo: © 2013-2014 Gary Nelson




Engines and Related Components



BELOW: One of the radial engines from the Vickers Warwick aircraft. (Cylinder heads and other parts missing.)


radial engine from the vickers warwick aircraft.


Photo: © 2013-14 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Close up of above engine.


close up of above engine.


Photo: © 2013-2014 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Side view of radial engine showing extent of damage and corrosion.


side view of radial engine.


Photo: © 2013-2014 Gary Nelson



BELOW: View showing highly corroded exhaust collector ring.


view showing exhaust collector ring.


Photo: © 2013-2014 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Second engine from Vickers Warwick HG136.


second engine from warwick.


Photo: © 2013-2014 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Closer view of this engine showing some of the cylinder heads.


closer view showing cylinder heads.


Photo: © 2013-2014 Gary Nelson



BELOW: Engine component half buried in bog.


engine component in bog.


Photo: © 2013-2014 Gary Nelson






(Airframe Related Parts)








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