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Viking Down!

The Dramatic Night An Airliner Crashed In The Scottish Hills


by James T M Towill and Dougie Martindale


AMP Books

The book is a product of four years research and writing by Dougie and James. It is a comprehensive account of the crash of an airliner in 1948, providing a detailed analysis of the crash as well as full coverage of the lives of the passengers and crew in the decades beyond.

On the evening of 21 April 1948, a Vickers Viking airliner carrying four crew and
sixteen passengers crashes into a windswept Scottish hillside. The blazing aircraft
bounces over the hillside before finally coming to rest. Remarkably all twenty
occupants manage to scramble clear with only burned hands and other minor injuries.
They then watch helplessly as a raging inferno consumes the fuselage of the aircraft.

Yet their ordeal has only just begun. Having braved the fire, they must next survive the
elements. Dressed only in frocks and suits, they are forced to shelter from the winds
that sweep mercilessly over the hillside. The Captain and one passenger leave the scene
to alert the authorities. Several hours later the two men succeed in reaching civilisation.
The Captain then leads the first of several search parties that scour the moorlands
in search of the crashed airliner. But a complete lack of visibility and terrible
conditions underfoot prevents any of the rescue parties from finding the survivors.

By dawn the remaining passengers and crew have spent the entire night huddling
together for warmth in a shelter built from the wreckage. Fearing the rescuers will not
find them before the elements take their toll, a decision is made by the crew. They
must make their own move, trekking out over desolate moorland in a bid to survive.

Viking Down! tells the full story of events on that fateful night. Illustrated with
numerous maps, drawings and period photos, the authors reveal how and why the
airliner crashed into a Scottish hillside. The fascinating story of how the twenty men and
women coped with such dreadful adversity is also covered. These personal, technical and
historical elements knit together to form a remarkable tale of human survival.


Since this is a human drama story it is suitable for all readers and not just aviation enthusiasts.

In total there are 144 pages (13 in colour), 55 images, 10 maps and 9 illustrations.





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