Junkers Ju88A-5 M2+CK

Blairskaith Muir, Lennoxtown



PAGE 3:  Hauptman Gerd Hansmann


BELOW: Hauptman Gerd Hansmann's headstone at a Lennoxtown church yard.


Gerd Hansmann's headstone at Lennoxtown Cemetery


Photo © 2003-2011 Steven Spink


The above headstone bears the following inscription:


Gerd Hansmann
German Air Force
Killed in Action
* 21.9.1914
† 5.5.1941


Sadly, this grave was vandalised several years ago resulting in damage to the burial plot and to Hauptman Gerd Hansmann's name on the headstone.  [This information was kindly provided by Steven Spink based on details supplied by local residents.] As a mark of respect, Steven laid flowers at Gerd Hansmann's grave.




So Mrs Hansmann keeps coming back to the Campsies

[From The Sunday Post 1975]



(Correction:In the feature below, it is implied that the Ju88 was brought down by anti-aircraft fire. This is incorrect. As stated in the details on this website, this Ju88 was brought down by an attacking Bolton Paul Defiant night fighter piloted by Sqn Ldr E. C. Wolfe. Sgt A. E. Ashcroft was the gunner.)

On a summers night in May 1941, a flight of German planes flew on a reconnaissance trip over Clydebank. Over the Campsie hills one was caught in a search light. Anti-aircraft guns fired. Next thing the plane zig-zagged in flames to the ground. There was an explosion as it crashed into forestry commission land high above Lennoxtown. Of the 4 crew in the bomber, 2 were killed. The other 2 were taken to Lennox castle hospital. The dead were buried in the graveyard of the high church of Campsie. Their graves were marked with simple wooden crosses, local children regularly placed flowers beside the crosses.

A year after the war, a young woman was seen kneeling by one of the graves now marked by a headstone bearing the words Hauptmann G Hansmann, German airforce. Killed In Action, May 5th 1941. Next day she visited the district clerk, she explained she was Hauptmann Hansmanns wife, she had come to Scotland to visit his grave. She had thought about having her husband reburied in Germany. Now she wanted him to stay amongst the peace and beauty which she experienced that afternoon.

Before leaving, she made arrangements for flowers to be placed on his grave once a year. Though she has remarried, Mrs Hansmann has been back several times to the village. She sits by the grave for a short while, looks at the Campsies then goes on her way.

She is due back any day. The grave will be looking at its best. The villagers have planted a rose bush beside the stone. Over the years the villagers have taken to their hearts the widow of the man who was once their enemy.





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