Junkers Ju88A-5 M2+CK

Blairskaith Muir, Lennoxtown



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[The following information was kindly provided by Steven Spink.]

Ju88 Background and Incident Summary


JU88 A-5W / N0662 built by Junkers F W Dressau Nov 1940 code M2+CK of No 2 Staffel 1 Grouppe Kustenfliegergruppe 106, Luftflotte 3 based at Denard at the Cherbourg peninsula, Northern France.


0662 shot down by officer commanding 141 Sqn, Sqn Ldr E.C. Wolfe and Sgt A. E Ashcroft based at Ayr in Defiant T3926 (damaged / slight taxying following a landing on return to base)


Aircraft dived into ground at Newlands Lennoxtown at 02.00 hours Tuesday and exploded. Locals state crash was followed by a heavy explosion said to be a [land]mine, plus other bombs. The target was Glasgow.



AIR 50/61 141 Sqn. Combat Report



141 Squadron RAF crest

Report on the destruction of enemy aircraft by Sqn Ldr E C Wolfe on 07/05/1941.

At 01.45 hours on May 7th, I was patrolling at 12,000 feet over Clydebank. In order to get as wide as possible a view of the moonlit cloud tops. I was making a continuous series of S-turns.

During one of these, whilst turning to starboard I saw enemy aircraft 2,000 feet below me, turning on a parallel course with myself. I promptly dived into formation at full throttle slightly in front and below the enemy aircraft and came up on his starboard forward quarter, where my gunner, Sgt Ashcroft opened fire at less than 20 yards range.

Strikes were observed and [as] the enemy aircraft turned sharply towards us I climbed over him to be on the outside of the curve and as soon as he had straightened out, dived beneath him and took up the same position as before.

A second burst was fired, after which the enemies’ starboard engine and cockpit were seen to be on fire and he turned on all his navigation lights. At the same time he turned towards me again and I repeated my former manoeuvre and the gunner gave him a third burst.

Twice again he took the same evasive action and I repeated my manoeuvre giving a fourth and fifth burst. After the fourth burst there were 2 blinding flashes from the cockpit. After the fifth burst I left the attack as we were nearing cloud tops, and through a rift in the cloud layer, watched the enemy aircraft crash to the ground where he blew up.
I employed the manoeuvre described so that I should always be on the enemies blind spot, so that he would not be able to forestall my attack, and so that I might deal him blows, without any retaliation from him.

“Signed E C Wolfe Sqn Ldr Commanding 141 Sqn, RAF Ayr.”



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