DH Mosquito G-AGGF

Drumhilt by Easter Balloch, Angus



PAGE 2:  Mosquito G-AGGF Accident Report (Expanded)


"On the 17th August 1943 at 2116 hrs, Captain L A Wilkins and Radio Officer N H Beaumont of British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) got airborne from Leuchars in Mosquito aircraft G-AGGF heading 080 degrees en route to Bromma, Stockholm.


At 2155 hrs, Captain Wilkins advised Leuchars that he was returning to base but gave no indication of why. After a period of receiving bearings and steers from Flying Control at Leuchars, some of which were acknowledged and others not, a final steer of 172 degrees was given at 2335 hrs. This steer was acknowledged by G-AGGF and at the same time the final steer was given, Wick Direction Finding Station had also picked up G-AGGF's last 2 transmissions and passed a fix to Leuchars flying control.


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BELOW: Drumhilt by Easter Balloch [map here].


This was where the Mosquito crashed.


drumhilt by easter balloch


Photo: 2010 Richard Webb


© Copyright Richard Webb and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.



This fix was not passed to G-AGGF as the aircraft had not requested a fix, only a steer; and had it been, it is likely that Captain Wilkins would have realised that he was well North of Leuchars and in an area of high ground. As it was, the duty controller realised from the steers that the aircraft was in a high ground area but thought G-AGGF was only just North of Leuchars and advised Captain Wilkins to climb to 2,500 ft. From the acknowledgement of the steer at 2335 hrs nothing more was heard from G-AGGF.


Three weeks later, after an extensive search, police found the burnt out wreckage of G-AGGF and the bodies of the crew on a 2,550 ft hill7 above Glen Lee. At the time of the crash the subsequent accident investigation report stated that G-AGGF's engines were running normally but that the undercarriage was in the down position. No reason was ever found to indicate why Captain Wilkins had elected to return to Leuchars." 8




BELOW: Glen Lee.


Looking down Glen Lee


Photo: 2009 Mike Dunn


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7. hill: Drumhilt near Easter Balloch.


8. Extracted from Civilian Mosquito Operations from Wartime Leuchars by Neil Daniel, (formerly of, RAF Air Traffic Control).





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