Boeing 747-121 N739PA

Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway



PAGE 4:  Memorial Photos Part 4.        Surnames:     Philipps - Zwynenburg


BELOW: The memorial in the Garden of Remembrance at Dryfesdale Cemetery, Lockerbie, Scotland.

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The memorial in the Garden of Remembrance at Lockerbie in Scotland

Photo: 2007 StaraBlazkova.

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RIGHT: In 2008, 11-year-old Luke Nesfield attended the twentieth anniversary service of the Lockerbie air disaster. Luke's grandparents and aunt died in this disaster. (MailOnline)


The service was held in the Memorial Garden at Dryfesdale Cemetery.




Photo: 2008 2Space Network

a young boy attends the remembrance service.


BELOW: The Memorial Superscription.


Memorial Title 




BELOW: Memorial Names (listed alphabetically by surname)


 Column 5 (Philipps - Somerville)


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Column 5A 


Memorial Names - Column 5A





Column 5B 


Memorial Names - Column 5B 





Column 5C 


Memorial Names - Column 5C 





BELOW: Memorial Names


Column 6 (Somerville - Zwynenburg)

Column 6A

Memorial Names - Column 6A

Column 6B

Memorial Names - Column 6B

Column 6C

Memorial Names - Column 6C

More details of each of the above named can be found on the website.





BELOW: The Garden of Remembrance.


Their Names Endure Forever


Another view of the Garden of Remembrance at Lockerbie


Photo: 2008 NowPublic. All Rights Reserved





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