Boeing 747-121 N739PA

Lockerbie, Dumfries and Galloway



PAGE 3:  Memorial Photos Part 3.         Surnames:     Giebler - Pescatore


BELOW: The memorial in the Garden of Remembrance at Dryfesdale Cemetery, Lockerbie, Scotland.

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The memorial in the Garden of Remembrance at Lockerbie in Scotland

Photo: 2007 StaraBlazkova.

Released by the author to the public domain.

RIGHT: Personal Memorial to Helga Mosey, who was buried at Tundergarth Cemetery, Lockerbie.



Photo: [n/d] Author unknown / © 2010 American RadioWorks

a personal memorial to Helga Mosey


BELOW: The Memorial Superscription.


Memorial Title 




BELOW: Memorial Names (listed alphabetically by surname)


 Column 3 (Giebler - Lincoln)


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Column 3A 


Memorial Names - Column 3A





Column 3B 


Memorial Names - Column 3B 





Column 3C 


Memorial Names - Column 3C 





BELOW: Memorial Names


Column 4 (Lowenstein - Pescatore)

Column 4A

Memorial Names - Column 4A

Column 4B

Memorial Names - Column 4B

Column 4C

Memorial Names - Column 4C

More details of each of the above named can be found on the website.




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