Boeing 707 G-APFK

Prestwick Airport, South Ayrshire













Aircraft Type Photo



Click here for pre-accident photo of Boeing 707 G-APFK. (External website)



BELOW: G-APFJ, BOAC, Boeing 707-436, Sydney Airport, Australia.


This aircraft was coded G-APFJ. The aircraft featured on this page was coded G-APFK (one letter higher).


In 1974, BOAC merged with BEA to become BA (British Airways) — the current national carrier's name.


a boeing 707 436 at sydney airport.


Photo: 1970 John M Wheatley.


Released by the author to the public domain under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.



NOTE: The forward fuselage of G-APFJ (above) is at the National Museums of Scotland (National Museum of Flight), East Fortune Airfield, East Lothian. It is the only 707 on display in the UK.






Aircraft Type and Background


Boeing 707-436 / G-APFK



The Boeing 707 was developed from the Boeing 367-80 of 1954. The initial production aircraft—the 707-120—were powered by Pratt and Whitney JT3C turbojet engines and first flew in 1957. The B 707-436 variant featured on this page was equipped with Rolls-Royce Conway 508 turbofan engines which were developed in the 1960's.


Depending on the variant and airline seating arrangment, the 707 could carry between 140 and 189 passengers. The aircraft was used on domestic, transatlantic and trans-continental flights.


Boeing 707s are no longer used by any of the major commercial airlines. However, military variants of the 707 included the USAF E-3 Sentry; the RAAF 707-368C, and the KC-135 Stratotanker. Some of these aircraft continued in service after the civilian variants had been withdrawn.







Aircraft Accident Details



Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) Report



aaib accident synopsis.



The full AAIB Report can be seen here.






Aircraft Crew Survivors


This was a crew training flight in which all four members survived this incident (one with injuries). However, at the moment, their names are not known.






Crash Site Photos


BELOW: The severely fire-damaged fuselage and wings of British Airtours Boeing 707 G-APFK after crashing at Prestwick Airport during a training exercise.


(This aircraft was known and liveried previously as BEA Airtours.)


fire-damaged boeing 707 on prestwick airport runway.


Photo: © 1977-2014. Courtesy, Gordon Macadie.



BELOW: A closer view of the damaged cockpit and front fuselage section.


The aircraft fuselage is resting on several heavy duty caterpillar-tracked dollies for towing off the runway.


damaged cockpit and front fuselage.


Photo: © 1977-2014. Courtesy, Gordon Macadie.



BELOW: The damaged port wing and overwing section of the fuselage.


The ferocity of the fire can be seen in this area, where the flames would have been fed from the wing fuel tanks.


damaged port wing and overwing section of fuselage.


Photo: © 1977-2014. Courtesy, Gordon Macadie.



BELOW: The damaged rear fuselage section and tail plane.


damaged rear fuselage and tail plane.


Photo: © 1977-2014. Courtesy, Gordon Macadie.



BELOW: Contractors work through the night with arc lights and heavy lifting gear to remove the aircraft from the runway.


heavy lifting gear removing aircraft.


Photo: © 1977-2014. Courtesy, Gordon Macadie.



BELOW: The heavy-lift cranes place the aircraft on the caterpillar-tracked dollies for subsequent removal.


caterpillar bogies used to haul aircraft off runway.


Photo: © 1977-2014. Courtesy, Gordon Macadie.








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Crash Date / Site



Accident Date: 17 Mar 1977


Accident Site:

Prestwick Airport (runway)


Region: South Ayrshire.


Nearest town or village:



Nearest large towns:

Ayr, Prestwick, or Troon


OS Grid Refs. N/A


GPS Ref. N/A


Present Condition: Recovered from site.




Aircraft Details



Registration or Serial: G-APFK


Operator: British Airtours (Former subsidery of British Airways (BA))


Operating Bases: London (Gatwick) Airport and Manchester Airport.


Base Locations: London and Manchester.


(Aircraft repositioned to Glasgow Prestwick Airport for crew training.)


Current Airport Status: Operational Civil Airports. (All three.)


Current Airport Names: London (Gatwick) Airport, Manchester Airport, and Glasgow Prestwick Airport.





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