Beaufort AW345

Tannach, Wick, Highland



Page 2: Accident Report and Pilot's Log (Extracts)



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BELOW: The Operations Record Book summarising the accident involving Beaufort AW345 at Tannach Chain Home radar station mast near Wick.


This Report is distinct from the MoD Report into the accident.



Accident Report


Extract kindly provided by Joe Daly





Extract from Flt Sgt Maurice J Daly's Log Book




Note that - on May 17th, and in spite of an attack by Messerschmitt Me 109's - Flt Sgt Daly succeeded in striking the German heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. (pages 1 and 2 below)



Page 1


M J Daly Log - Page 1 enlarged






Page 2


Maurice Daly's Log - Page 2






Page 3


Maurice Daly's Log - Page 3






Page 4


Maurice Daly's Log - Page 4



Log Book copies kindly provided by Joe Daly







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